Framing Services

The Design Possibilities Are Endless

With over 4000 mouldings to choose from, it’s possible to customize your artwork and make it uniquely your own. You can even design your own mat with our computerized mat cutter.

From the simplest to the most intricately designed, our team of professional picture framers is ready to meet your needs.


This category includes two dimensional works on paper or canvas such as oil or acrylic painting, original prints, reproduction prints and posters.


This category includes football jerseys, baseball jerseys, hockey jerseys or other pieces of clothing that a customer wants to display in a frame. The jerseys are sewn on to foam core or mat board then recessed from the glass with the use of spacer or mats giving the jerseys depth in the frame.

Shadow Boxes

This category includes framing for 3 dimensional art or objects such as music instruments, sports memorabilia or other items chosen by customers.

Plexi Boxes

This category includes objects that need to be displayed without the use of a molding around the edge. Plexi boxes are used for 3 dimensional objects.

Moulding Manufacturers

For links to moulding manufacturers, please login to your account.  Not tech savy? Email Jan the title, sku and size of the image you want, some thoughts on how you’d like it framed (colors, single/double mats, moulding style) and she will create some options for you.

Want to know more about Gateway Art Resources Framing Services?

Give us a call at 314-327-9887, or click Get Started and drop us a quick note. We look forward to helping your design ideas come to life!

Examples of How Framing Changes Everything

Bring Out Colors With Framing

Colors can seem more vivid, shadows deeper with more contrast. The building stands out on the left, the umbrellas and plants on the right.

Image Size Illusion Example

You can make an image look larger or smaller, more traditional or contemporary, more formal or casual with your frame choice.
dark frame
light frame

Change Weight With Framing

You can change the visual weight of a piece with different framing choices.
framing weight
framing weight

No Frame vs Frame

An unframed canvas is beautiful but the same image on paper with framing can give you more size options.
canvas no frame